Funding for 2018 - questions

Funding for 2018 - questions

Last updated 20 October 2017
Last updated 10/20/2017

This page contains answers to sector (consortium) questions about the 2018 Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT) funding application process. 

The application process for MPTT Funding for 2018 is now closed. 


Recent questions are located at the top of this list. 

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Your questions will be added to this page. To ensure that all applicants have access to the same information, we will not provide individual replies.


Q. The 2018 MPTT request for funding application refers to ‘outcomes outlined in 6.1’.  Where can I find this section as it no longer appears to be part of the application?

A. This reference in the 2018 MPTT application form refers to the assessment of consortium performance information, outlined in the MPTT Application Process and Assessment Methodology 2018 document.

See below for further details.

We will also take into account information supplied by tertiary education organisations (TEOs) via the single data return (SDR) and industry training register (ITR). As we hold this data already, you are not required to submit any additional data. The assessment process will automatically take this data into account.

Assessment of consortium performance will include the following:

6.1 Outcomes 

  • Number of learners who have progressed into one of three successful outcomes:
    • NZA
    • Managed Apprenticeship
    • Industry Training at levels 3 and 4 

(The consortium achieves outcomes aligned with the policy intent of MPTT). 

6.2 Capacity

  • Has the consortium reached its contracted deliverables?  Actual participation numbers versus contracted numbers in previous years.

(The consortium has the capacity to attract and deliver to learner numbers it has committed to). 

6.3 Participation

  • Has the consortium achieved against its aspirational targets for female learners?
  • Has the consortium achieved against its aspirational targets for learners less likely to participate or achieve in vocational training without MPTT?
  • Has the consortium reached Pasifika students in line with regional demographics?

6.4 Value for money

  • Funding per learner ratio. 

(Funding per learner is in proportion to size of consortium and regional challenges, how long the consortium has been in existence, realising economies of scale). 

6.5 TEO performance for Māori and Pasifika learners

  • Course completion rates for TEOs attached to the consortium.