Intensive Literacy and Numeracy - ESOL

Intensive Literacy and Numeracy - ESOL

Last updated 7 June 2017
Last updated 06/07/2017

The Intensive Literacy and Numeracy Fund - English for Speakers of Other Languages (ILN – ESOL) supports the intensive provision of high quality, fees-free ESOL literacy and numeracy learning opportunities, to help adult learners gain the literacy and numeracy skills needed to progress to further study or the workplace. 

More particularly, the ILN – ESOL fund supports the provision of fees-free ESOL programmes to adult refugees (including protected persons) and migrants who are pre-literate learners or learners who have very low levels of English language and literacy. Pre-literate learners are those who need exposure to the purposes and uses of literacy.

We fund intensive literacy and numeracy provision to:

  • raise adults’ literacy and numeracy skills
  • increase opportunities for adults to engage in literacy and numeracy learning, particularly for those in low-skilled employment, and
  • improve the quality and relevance of provision, including the ability to identify learner need and learning gain.

The TEC determines and allocates ILN funding through the Investment Plan process.