Emergency Management (ACE)

Emergency Management (ACE)

Last updated 28 March 2017
Last updated 03/28/2017

The Adult and Community Education (ACE) Fund provides for community-based education that meets community learning needs. The Emergency Management (ACE) Fund supports volunteers in the fields of civil defence emergency management and fire-fighting to achieve an appropriate class and level of training and accreditation to perform emergency management operations.

The focus of the Emergency Management (ACE) Fund is the training of volunteers, so funding is prioritised for targeted, skills-based programmes that lead to credits and unit standards, short awards and training schemes.

The Skills Organisation has been selected as the emergency management coordination body for the civil defence emergency management and fire-fighting sectors. It also provides us with advice on volunteer training needs and funding.

We fund tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to provide emergency management training to learners who are nominated by the Skills Organisation.