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    • Working with tertiary education organisations

      Modified 8 November 2016

      This section provides information for tertiary education organisations including tertiary education institutions, industry training organisations and private training establishments. It also includes material on the Key Information for Students, compulsory student fees and describes the different types of TEOs.

    • Information for tertiary education institutions

      Modified 8 November 2016

      Tertiary education institutions (TEIs) comprise universities, institutes of technology and polytechnics, and wānanga. This section contains information for TEIs about governance (TEI councils), borrowing and investments, financial monitoring, seismic risk and capital asset management.


    • Information for industry training organisations

      Modified 2 November 2016

      Industry training organisations arrange training for trainees and apprentices. Their role is to organise the delivery, assessment and/or monitoring of training. This section includes information about industry coverage, an organisational directory, governance information and material on New Zealand apprenticeships.

    • Information for private training establishments

      Modified 18 October 2016

      Private training establishments deliver foundation level programmes; and qualifications up to post-graduate level. This section includes information for private training establishments, including change of ownership conditions and financial viability requirements for TEC-funded private training establishments.

    • How TEIs can borrow funds

      Modified 3 November 2016

      This page sets out the processes and approvals required for tertiary education institutions (TEIs) to borrow or raise money.

    • Best practice for embedding adult literacy and numeracy

      Modified 5 October 2016

      Embedded literacy and numeracy (ELN) combines the development of literacy and numeracy skills with the development of vocational and other skills. This page has information and guidance to help you understand and apply ELN to your work with learners.

    • Getting at-risk young people into a career

      Modified 1 November 2016

      This page sets out how we are supporting Priority 2 of the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES) – Getting at-risk young people into a career. This priority recognises the importance of effective transitions for all young people from school to tertiary education to employment.

    • The TEC becomes the Government's career agency

      Modified 30 June 2017

      The Education (Update) Amendment Act took effect on 1 July as the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) became the Government’s career agency.

    • Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool

      Modified 3 November 2016

      This page introduces the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool – what it is and its benefits. It also outlines the requirements for the tool’s use by tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to meet their funding requirements.

    • Eligibility

      Modified 8 June 2017

      This page sets out the eligibility criteria for TEOs, programmes and learners for the Intensive Literacy and Numeracy (ILN) Fund.