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    • Resources for investment

      Modified 31 October 2016

      We provide most of our funding through a process that requires tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to submit an Investment Plan, although some funds are off-plan and some TEOs are managed through a funding letter. This section includes guidance and resources to cover the majority of our funding agreements.

    • Reporting and data collection

      Modified 18 October 2016

      Reporting and data collection is crucial for maintaining a culture of transparency and high performance in tertiary education. With easy-to-follow materials, links, and videos, this section is designed to make accessing and using our tools as easy as possible.

    • Our people

      Modified 30 June 2017

      At the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC) we have around 350 staff. They come from many different backgrounds and have a variety of professional and technical skills. They provide information and advice to tertiary education organisations (TEOs) and the Government, careers services from education through to employment, and foster and maintain effective relationships.

    • Other staff you may meet

      Modified 19 July 2017

      As a funded tertiary education organisation, you may from time to time have contact with other senior staff at the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC).

    • Chief Executive expenses disclosure

      Modified 31 July 2017

      This information meets State Services Commission requirements for disclosure of chief executives’ expenses, gifts and hospitality.

    • Our mission, vision and values

      Modified 31 October 2016

    • Funding and performance

      Modified 3 March 2017

      We invest in a wide range of tertiary education organisations and work closely with them to ensure that they deliver the best possible outcomes for New Zealanders. As well as providing insight into educational performance, this section includes information and resources for tertiary education organisations, including details about each of our funds.

    • Working with tertiary education organisations

      Modified 8 November 2016

      This section provides information for tertiary education organisations including tertiary education institutions, industry training organisations and private training establishments. It also includes material on the Key Information for Students, compulsory student fees and describes the different types of TEOs.

    • Information for tertiary education institutions

      Modified 8 November 2016

      Tertiary education institutions (TEIs) comprise universities, institutes of technology and polytechnics, and wānanga. This section contains information for TEIs about governance (TEI councils), borrowing and investments, financial monitoring, seismic risk and capital asset management.