Adult and Community Education

Adult and Community Education (ACE) offers a wide range of community-based activities and programmes for adults that:

  • target learners whose initial learning was not successful
  • raise foundation skills
  • strengthen social cohesion.

The aim of ACE is to engage people and communities in learning activities that interest them and challenge them to discover possibilities for themselves and others.

Many different types of TEOs[1] deliver ACE programmes. Community-based ACE is provided by schools, community organisations, REAPs[2], PTEs[3] and TEIs[4] also deliver ACE.

  • [1]

    Tertiary education organisation (TEO)

  • [2]

    Rural Education Activities Programme providers (REAPs)

  • [3]

    Private training establishments (PTEs)

  • [4]

    Tertiary education institution (TEI) - universities, ITPs and wānanga

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