Private training establishments

PTEs[1] are operated by a wide range of companies, trusts and other entities, and offer post-school education or vocational training.

They are diverse in terms of their scale of operation, location, ethnicity, culture and areas of educational expertise. Because of this they respond to the broad range of needs of the learner, the industry, the employers, communities as well as Māori and Pacific peoples and other stakeholders.

From 2011 the PTE sector includes TEOs formerly known as OTEPs - those TEOs that at one point received funding under section 321 of the Education Act 1989.

The types of funding accessed by PTEs include:

  • ACE[2] 
  • ESOL[3]
  • specialist services for disadvantaged groups
  • intensive literacy and numeracy provision
  • SAC[4]
  • PBRF[5]
  • Foundation-Focused Training Opportunities 
  • Youth Guarantee
  • workplace literacy, and
  • Modern Apprenticeship Co-ordination.

Independent Tertiary Education NZ (ITENZ) (formerly NZAPEP) is the largest of the four national organisations representing private tertiary institutions in New Zealand.

Visit the PTEs page on this website for more information.

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    Private training establishments (PTEs)

  • [2]

    Adult and Community Education (ACE)

  • [3]

    English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

  • [4]

    Student Achievement Component fund (SAC)

  • [5]

    Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF)

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