Types of tertiary education organisations

The tertiary education sector consists of hundreds of Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs); many of which we fund.

The Education Act 1989 defines types of TEOs. The Tertiary Education Strategy also specifies the core roles and expectations made by each type.

TEOs are represented by their respective 'peak bodies'.

The Crown has an ownership interest in TEIs[1], which include universitiesinstitutes of technology and polytechnics, and wānanga.

We also fund ITOs[2], PTEs[3], community organisations, secondary schools, and REAPs[4].

  • [1]

    Tertiary education institution (TEI) - universities, ITPs and wānanga

  • [2]

    Industry training organisations (ITOs)

  • [3]

    Private training establishments (PTEs)

  • [4]

    Rural Education Activities Programme providers (REAPs)

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