Tertiary Education Strategy

The Tertiary Education Strategy 2014 - 2019 describes the Government’s strategic direction for tertiary education over the next five to 10 years.

Under the Education Act 1989, the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment is required to issue a tertiary education strategy that sets out the Government's long-term strategic direction for tertiary education; and its current and medium-term priorities for tertiary education.

The long-term direction addresses economic, social and environmental goals, as well as the development aspirations of Māori and other population groups.

The Tertiary Education Strategy (TES) is used to guide our investment decisions in order to maximise tertiary education's contribution to our national goals, and act as a reference point for the Government’s policy-making and relationships with the sector.


TEC commissioned research on Tertiary Education Strategy priorities

The TEC regularly commissions a range of research to support the Tertiary Education Strategy.  We use this research to add to the evidence base on boosting educational outcomes for priority learners in tertiary education. Go to the research page.

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