Reviews and consultation

Our consultations

From time to time we review policies, strategies and work programmes to ensure tertiary education remains relevant and of high quality.

We consult on these to ensure we have the opportunity to hear from relevant groups and individuals. It’s important that we take a range of views into consideration because that often helps us find the best outcomes.

Our Roadshows

As well as consulting online, we often undertake face-to-face engagement with tertiary education organisations and other key contacts. We do this by hosting roadshows around the country. Our roadshows are designed to introduce new processes, systems and ideas as well as helping people understand our existing ones better.

TEC Roadshow 2016


Current TEC consultations

There are no current consultations. 


Ministerial consultations

Stephen Joyce, the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment may also consult on changes proposed within the tertiary education sector from time to time. 

There are no current Ministerial consultations.

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  • Last verified: 27 September 2016