Tertiary education institutions' financial performance

The Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC) collates the annual audited data on the financial performance of all public tertiary education institutions (TEIs) for comparative purposes.

The collated data brings together the information contained in TEIs' published annual reports which are based on financial results the institutions have provided to us in a standard reporting template. 

Unless indicated otherwise, the figures are presented at a TEIs' consolidated group level and reflect the most recent submission of information.

This information will allow TEIs to compare their performance to other tertiary institutions. This can also be done via our tertiary education performance reports or by examining individual financial performance in greater detail.

The spreadsheet below outlines the individual financial performance of each TEI for each year since 2004.

2015 TEI financial performance by year (XLS, 2 Mb)

The report below provides a high level summary of the TEI sectors financial performance for 2015, along with some high level trends.

TEI audited 2015 financial performance report (PDF, 604 Kb)

  • Last changed: 14 September 2016
  • Last verified: 14 September 2016