Educational performance

TEC publishes information on the educational performance of tertiary education organisations (TEOs) based on agreed educational performance indicators. More details about those indicators can be found in the documents below.

These include:

This includes details about overall course completions, and overall qualification completions. In the future, this may also include information on the employment outcomes of study.

We also produce reports to assist providers to manage and monitor their own performance, as well as deliver on their agreed tertiary education services. 


Educational performance indicators - for SAC-funded organisations
Report Summary Date released
Educational performance indicators - definitions and methodology (PDF, 353 Kb) This document describes the current business methodology for calculating the educational performance indicators used by the TEC. May 2014


Educational performance indicators - for ITOs
Report Date released

Educational Performance Indicators for ITOS and MACs - definitions and rules (PDF, 448 Kb) (22 pages)

July 2014

Previous versions:

performance indicators - for youth guarantee
Report Summary Date released
Educational performance indicators: Measuring student achievement for tertiary education organisations - Definitions and Methodology (PDF, 353 Kb) This document details the definitions and methodology for calculating the educational performance indicators. The basic definitions for the indicators were finalised in March 2010. The overarching purpose of this document is to describe how the educational performance indicators are calculated. May 2014


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