Performance information

A key responsibility for the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) is to monitor the performance of tertiary education providers.

The TEC publishes an annual tertiary education performance report to provide the key measures we use to assess performance across New Zealand’s tertiary education organisations. The reports also provide a historic view of institutional performance using already published performance information.

There are two types of performance information which provide details about:

RECENT performance reports
Report Date released

Tertiary Education Performance Report 2014 (online with interactive graphic)

Tertiary Education Performance Report 2014 (PDF, 9 Mb)

8 December 2015

Tertiary Education Performance Report 2013

(See below for accompanying infographic posters)

14 January 2015
Tertiary Education Performance Report 2012 11 December 2013
Tertiary Education Performance Report 2011 20 December 2012
Tertiary Education Performance Report 2010 (PDF 3 Mb) 21 December 2011

Infographic posters - learners in the tertiary sector 2013

To complement the 2013 Tertiary Education Performance Report and other information we publish, we have produced a series of infographic posters that focus on the performance and participation of all learners in the tertiary sector as well as Tertiary Education Strategy (TES) priority groups (Youth, Māori and Pasifika).

The five posters are:

2013 Tertiary Education in New Zealand Infographic Version 2.0 (PDF, 571 Kb)

2013 Māori Infographic Version 2.0 (PDF, 684 Kb)

2013 Youth Infographic Version 2.0 (PDF, 1 Mb)

2013 Pasifika Infographic Version 2.0 (PDF, 530 Kb)

2013 Youth Guarantee Fund Infographic Version 2.0 (PDF, 153 Kb)


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