Performance information

A key responsibility for the Tertiary Education Commission is to monitor the performance of tertiary education providers.

TEC has published the Tertiary Education Performance Report, providing in one annual document the key measures used by TEC to assess performance across New Zealand’s tertiary education organisations. The Tertiary Education Performance Reports provide a historic view of institutional performance using already published performance information.

There are two types of performance information which provide details about:

RECENT performance reports
Report Date released
Tertiary Education Performance Report 2012
Tertiary Education Performance Report 2011 20 December 2012
Tertiary Education Performance Report 2010 (PDF 3 Mb) 21 December 2011
Improving Students Results: Tertiary Education Sector Performance (PDF, 433 Kb) 1 December 2009
Student Choice and Student Experience: The Views of Selected New Zealand Tertiary Students (PDF, 218 Kb) 9 December 2009


  • Last changed: 20 December 2013