Key Information Set - information for TEOs

Learners tell us making decisions about studying can be difficult because consistent information is hard to find to compare qualifications and tertiary providers. 

To make it easier, we talked to learners and their advisers to develop a consistent, structured and accessible way to view key information about qualifications. This information will be published by tertiary education organisations (TEOs) on their websites. This is called the Key Information Set (KIS).

Why are we doing this?

The education system is focused on improving outcomes for learners. Learners need information to be able to identify and assess the value of tertiary education and how it will contribute to achieving their desired outcomes.

Government and education providers have a shared responsibility to challenge learners to look at how they make decisions and the choices likely to result in achieving the best outcomes.

The Key Information Set is a result of research, consultation and sector engagement to ensure that we help make it easier for learners to make good tertiary enrolment decisions. 

The Key Information Set will:

  • enable learners to make real comparisons between qualifications and across providers when deciding on what and where to study
  • facilitate informed enrolment choices that align with learners’ desired tertiary education outcomes.

What does it mean for TEOs?

We’ll be working with TEOs to publish the Key Information Set on the qualification pages of their websites. This has been communicated in our Plan Guidance for 2017 and 2018 (page 15 of Plan Guidance).

Who is required to publish the Key Information Set?

  • Funded TEOs (this excludes ITOs)
  • TEOs delivering qualifications at level 5 and above.

How are we doing this?

We are implementing a phased approach and will notify you about which group you are in, ensuring you have plenty of time to plan, resource and implement the Key Information Set. 

The key activities you’ll need to undertake to ensure that you are ready to start are:

  • checking your qualification and course data
  • designing the Key Information Set to fit your website style
  • applying the design to qualification pages – level 5 and above
  • connecting to our KIS Data Service (to keep the Key Information Set updated)
  • publishing the qualification pages so they become visible to learners.

What do you need to do?

Get familiar with the Key Information Set and identify the people in your organisation that may need to be involved. Check your data to make sure it's accurate to publish in the Key Information Set.

Guides and more information

Here are some resources you can use to brief your team.

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