Ministerial appointments

For each tertiary education institution council generic qualities sought in Ministerial appointees include:

  • governance experience
  • financial management/business management experience
  • strategic management skills
  • knowledge of the tertiary education sector
  • knowledge of the needs of the community/region that the TEI serves.

Specific skills sought for any given vacancy will depend on the composition of the council concerned and the appropriate skills and attributes the Minister is seeking at the time.

Ministerial appointment process

The Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC) discusses any council vacancy with each council Chair before making a recommendation to the Minister, and identifies any particular skills and attributes required.


Councils are invited to make nominations for Ministerial appointments. The Minister also receives expressions of interest from individuals. The Minister usually consults with Ministerial and parliamentary colleagues to find the most suitable appointee for a vacant position.

When the term of a Ministerial appointee is nearing expiry,we will:

  • find out whether the incumbent is prepared to accept reappointment and whether the council Chair supports the reappointment
  • review the skills composition of the council
  • advise the Minister at least 30 days before the incumbent has completed the term of office.

There can be no expectation on the part of council members that they will be reappointed at the end of their term of office and the council Chair must outline the specific reasons for any proposed reappointment. This practice follows the guidelines for board appointments issued by the State Services Commission.

Nominations for a Council appointment must be accompanied by:

  • a current curriculum vitae, and
  • an assurance that the nominee is prepared to accept a position on the Council concerned.

Nominations should be forwarded to:
Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6011


The Tertiary Education Commission
PO Box 27-048
Wellington 6141. 

Assessment of candidates

The TEC assesses the relevant skills and experience of the candidates and any potential conflicts of interest that might arise from their appointment. Nominees may be interviewed to discuss the role, any previous governance experience that they may have and any potential conflicts of interest that may arise from an appointment.

The Cabinet Committee on Appointments and Honours also considers Ministerial appointments and reappointments to the TEI council. The Committee’s involvement also makes the process more rigorous, and enables further consultation with the Minister’s Cabinet colleagues.

  • Last changed: 27 October 2009
  • Last verified: 30 July 2015