Financial monitoring framework model worked example

The Tertiary Education Commission has included an example of the Financial Monitoring Framework (FMF) which is pre-populated with financial information for a hypothetical tertiary education institute. This example shows a FMF output report and also includes instructions which allow tertiary education institutes to insert their own financial information and assess their performance and risk ratings under various scenarios.

Download the example monitoring framework model (Excel, 317 Kb).

Three quick steps to using the spreadsheet:

  1. Enter TEI financial information into the ‘Financials’ worksheet tab. The columns in this worksheet are set up in the same format as those used in other TEC financial reporting documents. This means that data can be copied directly from other financial reporting spreadsheets into this worksheet.
  2. Enter supplementary data into the ‘Calculations’ worksheet tab – the framework requires several pieces of information not available in the standard TEC financial reporting template. The spreadsheet model uses this page to pull through the necessary data from the Financials Worksheet and then calculate the value for each ratio that makes up the FMF.
  3. This page automatically updates once the highlighted cells for financial year and TEC confidence fields are updated. Additional information helps identify which version of information is being used. The worksheet pulls through information previously calculated in the ‘Calculations’ worksheet. The overall financial monitoring framework risk rating is calculated based on the values pulled through.

The link below provides a sample of the report output: one page financial monitoring report (PDF, 29 Kb).

Please direct any questions about this spreadsheet or the financial monitoring framework tool to

  • Last changed: 6 July 2015
  • Last verified: 6 July 2015