Annual CAM self-assessment

Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) are required to self-assess their asset management capability on an annual basis and send this information to the TEC by 31 May each year.

The only exception to this is in years when TEIs obtain independent CAM reviews. Self-assessments should be completed using the Capital Asset Management Self-assessment tool (Excel, 136 Kb) 

The self-assessment tool is based on the Capital Asset Management (CAM) standard taken from the 2011 International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM). The tool can be used to show CAM performance in a number of ways such as:

  • internal management reporting to senior management and councils
  • independent asset management specialists when reviewing a TEI’s asset management capability
  • to show progress implementing CAM Investment Plan Commitments (for TEIs with CAM Plan Commitments in their Investment Plans).

The intellectual property rights in relation to this tool are owned by the Crown and as such this tool can only be used by tertiary education institutions or by their suppliers solely for the purposes of providing advisory services to tertiary education institutions with which they have an adviser-client relationship.

Assessment May 2014 May 2015


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