RSS tips

Decide what news you want

Then either:

  • get news emailed to you
  • get news in your web browser.

Decide what news you want

The content on this website will be updated regularly. You can use RSS feeds to stay up to date with any changes.

There are three types of news you can subscribe to – media releases, updates and TEC Nows. Media releases are generally about the whole of the TEC or tertiary sector rather than a subsector and sent out to the media and other stakeholders. TEC Nows are operational and directed at sub sectors and types of tertiary education providers. They are sent by email as well as being web published. Updates are general news of interest to the whole of the sector.

1. To subscribe to one of these news feeds, go to the RSS page, and click on the news type you want – media release, update or TEC Now – or by the subsector you are in eg, university. As an example, the person below has chosen to subscribe to news and updates for Other Tertiary Education Providers (OTEPs). They will receive any news where OTEPs are selected as an audience.


2. Once you have decided what news you want, then you can choose how you get it sent to you.

Get news emailed to you

You can choose to receive your news feed by email daily. See this pictorial guide on how to get news feeds by email.

Or get news in your web browser

Or you can set up your news feed so you get it automatically through your web browser. See this pictorial guide about how to get news in your browser.



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