What's happening to the original Workspace?

Workspace 2 will eventually replace Workspace. In the interim, the two systems will run in parallel.

  • Workspace 2 will be used for all reporting and documentation submitted by TEOs going forward (including 2016 Investment Plans).
  • Workspace will continue to hold historical documentation and Analyse My Performance data in the interim.

However, during 2015:

  • The TEC will migrate Workspace documents dated January 2014 onwards from Workspace to Workspace 2.
  • If you wish to retain a record of a Workspace document dated December 2013 or earlier, it is recommended you save a copy from Workspace to your own TEO system.
  • Analyse My Performance (currently held in Workspace) will be upgraded. We will provide information about this later.


  • Last changed: 11 May 2015
  • Last verified: 11 May 2015