Workspace 2 User Guides and instructional videos

This page contains resources to help TEOs use Workspace 2.

All examples provided in the videos and guides are for training purposes only and are not a reflection of any TEO’s data.

Workspace 2 User Guides

These guides show you how to use the Workspace 2 system to receive and send documents and reports between your organisation and the TEC.

Workspace 2 error definitions

This document is for TEO operational personnel, to help them identify the data they need to collect and the validation rules that apply to that data.

Workspace 2 instructional videos 

Updated September 2016

  1. Introduction to Workspace 2 (YouTube video, 2:59 mins)
  2. Data Collection Document overview (YouTube video, 2:42 mins)
  3. Completing and submitting a Data Collection document using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox (YouTube video, 2:32 mins)
  4. Completing and submitting a Data Collection document using Chrome or Safari (YouTube video, 3:08 mins)
  5. When your Data Collection document fails validation (YouTube video, 2:37 mins)
  6. How to download and re-upload a Data Collection document using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox (YouTube video, 2:57 mins)
  7. How to upload and submit a Data Collection document (YouTube video, 2:43 mins)
  8. How to delete a document (YouTube video, 0:48 mins)


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