Qualification EFTS value is missing or null


What is shown in your Data Accuracy Report?

Qualification EFTS values that are missing or null are shown in your Data Accuracy Report under the tab labelled “no_qual_EFTS”.

These records are qualifications whose EFTS value from the Qualification Register is missing or null. For each of these records, you will see the “Qualification EFTS Value” column of your Data Accuracy Report is either empty or shown as a “0”.

What is the impact?

If the qualification EFTS value from the Qualification Register is missing, it is set to zero (‘null’).  Missing and null values are accepted in the calculation of the qualification completion rate indicator.  Such values will result in a 0% qualification completion rate for that qualification, since we multiply the count of qualification completions by their EFTS value.

What do you need to do next?

Please contact our Sector Helpdesk (email sectorhelpdesk@tec.govt.nz or phone: 0800 601 301) with full details of the missing qualification EFTS values so we can update the calculation of your qualification completion rate indicator.

  • Last changed: 19 June 2015
  • Last verified: 19 June 2015