Course enrolments over 12 months long


What is shown in your Data Accuracy Report?

Course enrolments over 12 months long are shown in your Data Accuracy Report under the tab labelled “>_12_months”.

Note the following regarding course enrolment records for which the course start date is in the previous reporting year (or earlier) and the course end date occurs in the current reporting year.

For each of these Data Accuracy Report course enrolment records, the date shown in the “course end date” column will be more than 12 months after the date shown in the “course start date” column.

What is the impact?

The enrolments shown may be valid records, however they are brought to your attention because of the potential effect they can have on your Student Retention EPI (especially if the course spans 3 or more calendar years).

This can affect your Student Retention indicator because an enrolment longer than 12 months may not provide an opportunity for another enrolment in the next calendar year at your organisation, especially if the long enrolment ends near the end of the second year. If a new enrolment is not possible, this would lower the rate for your Student Retention indicator.

What do you need to do next?

For each of these records in your Data Accuracy Report, you should ensure that the course start and end dates are correct.

For any records where the course start and end dates are incorrect you should resubmit an updated course enrolment (and possibly course completion) file. You will need to contact our Sector Helpdesk to do this.

Note that you may have to update more than one file to accurately reflect the correct details.

  • Last changed: 19 June 2015
  • Last verified: 19 June 2015