YG016: TEO to keep records of expenditure and transport assistance


The TEO must keep records of its expenditure of transport assistance funding, including any expenditure of exceptional circumstances transport funding.

If the TEO supplies transport to students, the records that the TEO must keep in respect of each student that receives transport include:

a)  a daily travel logbook that sets out the kilometres travelled by the TEO in relation to each student; and

b)  the source of funding for each student's enrolment at the TEO (for example, whether a student is enrolled in a Youth Guarantee funded programme, or another course). 

If transport assistance funding, including exceptional circumstances transport funding, is paid directly to a student, the records must state:

a)  the amounts paid to each student; and

b)  the total amount that the TEO reimbursed students for transport. 

  • Last changed: 3 March 2016
  • Last verified: 3 March 2016