WLN002: TEO to continue to meet specified criteria


The TEO must, for the length of the funding period continue to be:

a) an institute of technology or polytechnic (ITP), or

b) a private training establishment (PTE), or

c) a wānanga, or

d) a university, or

e) a state school or state-integrated school, or

f) an employer that:

(i) is an organisation as defined by section 159B of the Education Act 1989, and

(ii) is a body corporate, and

(iii) provides literacy, numeracy, or literacy and numeracy training to a minimum of 20 of its employees, or

(iv) delivers literacy, numeracy, or literacy and numeracy provision, to a minimum of 20 employees as part of a consortium arrangement with other employers.

  • Last changed: 6 April 2016
  • Last verified: 6 April 2016