SAR012: TEO to repay over-funding


If the TEO receives SAR (ACE) funding that is greater than it should have been, or that it was not entitled to receive, the TEO must treat the amount of over-funding as a debt due to the Crown that:

a)    is repayable on demand; and

b)    may be set-off against all or any funding, or any sum of money payable by the TEC to the TEO.

Funding greater than it should have been

For the purposes of this condition, the TEC will consider that a TEO received funding that was greater than it should have been if it delivered less SAR (ACE) provision (at a course level) than it received funding for. In that situation, the TEC will recover the difference between the TEO’s actual delivery and 100% of the SAR (ACE) funding received by the TEO.


  • Last changed: 22 February 2016
  • Last verified: 22 February 2016