SACNC015: TEO not to include overseas travel as part of a course


The TEO must not use SACNC funding to meet the costs of overseas travel for students, or require students to meet the cost of the travel by accessing the Student Loan Scheme, unless the overseas travel is academically essential.  

To determine whether overseas travel is academically essential, the TEO must:

a)     submit an application to the TEC:

       (i)     at least two months before the TEO advertises or publishes any information about the course or accepts enrolments; and

       (ii)    include a letter from the applicable quality assurance body, endorsing the essential nature of the travel component of the course; and

b)    receive approval from the TEC to include overseas travel as part of a course.

Definition of appropriate body

For the purposes of this condition, the appropriate quality assurance body is the NZQA if the TEO is an ITP, wānanga, or PTE, and the New Zealand Vice-Chancellors’ Committee, if the TEO is a university.

TEC considerations

When determining whether or not overseas travel is academically essential, the TEC will consider whether:

a)     the overseas travel is integrally linked to the stated outcomes of a course; and

b)    the course is a compulsory requirement of a qualification and/or major; and

c)     the academic outcomes for the course cannot be achieved in any other manner in New Zealand; and

d)    the course or qualification is aligned to the Tertiary Education Strategy.

  • Last changed: 30 March 2016
  • Last verified: 30 March 2016