SDR001: TEO to supply information and report to the TEC (for SACC funding for TEIs)


Pursuant to section 159YC(1) of the Education Act 1989, it is a condition of a TEO receiving funding under section 159YA or section 159ZC that the TEO will supply to the TEC or the Ministry of Education, from time to time as required by the TEC or the Ministry of Education, and in the form specified by the TEC or the Ministry of Education, any financial, statistical, or other information that the TEC or the Ministry of Education requires the TEO to supply.  

TEO to supply enrolment information to the TEC

The following conditions are imposed to ensure that the TEC and the Ministry of Education obtain information about all confirmed students, whether or not fees are charged, and regardless of the funding source.  Your SDR return must include students who have withdrawn, unless they withdrew before becoming a confirmed student. If you have any doubts as to whether a student should be included in the SDR, please contact your Investment Manager or the Sector Helpdesk.

1.    The TEO must supply the following information to the TEC and/or the Ministry about each “confirmed student enrolment”, meaning:
      a)    if fees apply:
            (i)    a student and a TEO have entered into an enrolment or tuition contract or arrangement and the student has paid or committed to pay his or her fees; and
            (ii)    the period during which the student is entitled to withdraw from a course, programme or training scheme and receive a full refund of fees (less any applicable administration fee) has passed; or

      b)    if fees do not apply:

            (i)    a student and a TEO have entered into an enrolment or tuition contract or arrangement; and

            (ii)    the student has not withdrawn from a course, programme or training scheme by the withdrawal date (as specified in Withdrawal of enrolments below).

Withdrawal of enrolments

1.    A “withdrawal” means the withdrawal of a confirmed student enrolment from a course, programme or training scheme, by notice from the student to the TEO or as a result of non-attendance or non-participation by a student at the TEO for any reason, and whether or not the student has been refunded any fees.

2.    A TEO may set a withdrawal date, being the specified period during which a student can withdraw and receive a full refund of fees and course costs, provided that date is not earlier than the withdrawal date in paragraph 3.

3.    If a TEO does not set a withdrawal date, the withdrawal date will be the date on which 10% or one month of the course for which a student is enrolled has passed, whichever is the smaller.

4.    Completing the SDR does not discharge TEOs’ other obligations to report withdrawals.  These obligations include reporting (where applicable) to: Immigration New Zealand (for international students), Ministry of Social Development (for Student Loan and Student Allowance recipients) and Trustees administering fee protection mechanisms (for International students and all PTE students).

5.    If fees are to be refunded to a student, the TEO must, as soon as reasonably practicable, pay the refund: 

      a)    to the Ministry of Social Development, if the student paid the fees using the Student Loan Scheme; or

      b)    directly to the student.

Use of SACC funding

1.    The TEO must ensure that SACC funding is only used for the relevant programmes and activities at levels 1 and 2 on the NZQF which are specified in a TEO’s proposed investment plan (unless exempt). 

2.   The TEO may only claim funding for a student who is:

      a)    a confirmed student enrolment; and

      b)    a valid domestic enrolment (as described in SACC Valid domestic enrolment below); and

      c)    the student has completed 10% or one month of the course for which they have enrolled, whichever is the earlier.

SACC Valid domestic enrolment

1.    A “valid domestic enrolment” is the enrolment of a student who:

      a)    is one of the following:

             (i) a domestic student (as defined in section 159 of the Education Act 1989); or

             (ii) an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident currently residing in New Zealand;

      b)    is one of the following:

            (i)    aged 16 years and over; or

            (ii)   aged under 16 years if the student meets the criteria established by the TEC as described in paragraph 2 below; and

      c)    is not enrolled in a state or state integrated school; and

      d)    does not already hold a qualification at level 2 or higher on the NZQF unless:

             (i)    the student is participating in a qualification in ESOL or Te Reo Māori; or

             (ii)    the TEO at which the student has enrolled has not reached the thresholds specified in condition SACC019.

Students aged under 16 years

2.    A student aged under 16 years is a valid domestic enrolment if:

      a)    at the commencement of the programme of study or training in which the student is enrolled, the student was aged under 16 years; and

      b)    the TEO is satisfied that the student is capable of completing the academic requirements of the programme in which the student is enrolled; and

      c)    the TEO has ensured that the student has a school exemption certificate from the Ministry of Education.

When a confirmed student enrolment is not a valid domestic enrolment for tertiary tuition calculations

3.    A confirmed student enrolment is not a valid domestic enrolment if the enrolment has, or continuation of study has been, secured by way of an inducement.

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