SACC015: TEO to keep enrolment records


The TEO must keep accurate and up-to-date records of each valid domestic enrolment of a student enrolled in a programme or programmes of study or training of more than 0.03 EFTS funded by the TEC, that specify:

a)     the programme or programmes of study or training (including qualification(s) and course(s)) in which the student has been admitted or readmitted; and

b)    the student’s identity details, including the student's name, date of birth, citizenship, domestic or international student status, and residency status (if relevant); and

c)     if the student is enrolled in a programme of study or training leading to a qualification with an EFTS value of greater than 0.03 EFTS, whether the TEO has verified the student's identity; and

d)    whether the TEO has verified that the student is a valid domestic enrolment; and

e)    the student's national student number (NSN); and

f)     the student’s previous academic achievement (if relevant); and

g)    the receipt verifying that the student has paid or has arranged to pay his or her fees (if applicable); and

h)     changes (if any) made to an enrolment; and

i)      whether the student has withdrawn from part of his or her programme of study or training, and the date of the withdrawal; and

j)      whether a student has been expelled from part of his or her programme of study or training by the TEO due to a breach of the TEO's Code of Conduct; and

k)     whether a student is on a discretionary leave of absence greater than leave normally granted under the TEO's standard minimum attendance requirements; and

l)      that the student is attending the programme of study in which he or she is enrolled, or is actively involved in the programme or course; and

m)   the period for which the student is enrolled.

  • Last changed: 29 March 2016
  • Last verified: 29 March 2016