SAC3+031: TEO to make information available to TEC and its appointed representative for the purpose of monitoring


By accepting funding from the TEC, the TEO is deemed to have acknowledged that one of the TEC’s statutory functions is to monitor the performance of organisations receiving funding from the TEC, and that it is a statutory condition that the TEO must maintain certain records and supply certain information to the TEC. Accordingly, by accepting funding from the TEC the TEO is deemed to have acknowledged that the TEC needs access to certain information to enable it to undertake its monitoring activities and, as such, the TEO authorises the TEC (and any representative acting on behalf of the TEC) to have reasonable access to information needed by the TEC to undertake its review and monitoring function. This includes the TEO authorising the TEC and the TEC’s appointed representatives to have reasonable access to the TEO’s premises and any premises where the TEO’s records are kept for the purpose of enabling monitoring and review activities to be undertaken at those premises.

  • Last changed: 8 March 2016
  • Last verified: 8 March 2016