SAC3+029: TEO enrolling a student in pilot training not to approve certain loans


This condition applies to a TEO that is allocated EFTS for aviation provision that includes an in-flight training component (pilot training).

The TEO must supply StudyLink with the correct student enrolment information through the Verification of Study system, and ensure that:

a)    annual student loan fee borrowing for any pilot training student that is studying fulltime does not exceed $35,000 per EFTS; and

b)    where a pilot training student is studying part-time, annual student loan fee borrowing does not exceed the proportion of $35,000 that is represented by the proportion of an EFTS course load that is being undertaken by the student (for example, if a student is studying 0.4 EFTS in the year, the student loan borrowing limit will be $14,000).

  • Last changed: 8 March 2016
  • Last verified: 8 March 2016