SAC3+016: TEO to keep enrolment records


The TEO must keep accurate and up-to-date records of each valid domestic enrolment of a student enrolled in a programme or programmes of study or training of more than 0.03 EFTS funded by the TEC, that specify:

a)   the programme or programmes of study or training (including qualification(s) and course(s)) in which the student has been admitted or readmitted); and

b)   the student’s identity details, including the student's name, date of birth, citizenship, domestic or international student status, and residency status (if relevant); and

c)   if the student is enrolled in a programme of study or training leading to a qualification with an EFTS value of greater than 0.03 EFTS, whether the TEO has verified the student's identity; and

d)   whether the TEO has verified that the student is a valid domestic enrolment and/or has the appropriate student visa; and

e)   the student's National Student Number (NSN); and

f)    the student’s previous academic achievement (if relevant); and

g)   the receipt verifying that the student has paid or has arranged to pay his or her fees (if applicable); and

h)   changes (if any) made to an enrolment; and

i)    whether the student has withdrawn from part of his or her programme of study or training, the date of the withdrawal, and whether the withdrawal was within the withdrawal period; and

j)    whether a student has been expelled from part of his or her programme of study or training by the TEO due to a breach of the TEO's Code of Conduct; and

k)   whether a student is on a discretionary leave of absence greater than leave normally granted under the TEO's standard minimum attendance requirements; and

l)    that the student is attending the programme of study in which he or she is enrolled, or is actively involved in the programme or course; and

m)  the period for which the student is enrolled.

  • Last changed: 8 March 2016
  • Last verified: 8 March 2016