SAC3+007: Funding not to be sought for students enrolled in courses that lead to students exceeding total EFTS value of qualification for that year


The TEO must not seek SAC funding in respect of a student enrolled in a course that leads to the award of a qualification if the result of enrolling the student in the course is that the total EFTS factors for all of the courses in which the student is enrolled in that year exceed the total annual EFTS value of the qualification, unless:

a)   the student, in an exceptional circumstance (such as repeating a course that he or she previously has not passed), has elected to exceed total EFTS value of the qualification in that year; and

b)   the TEO can demonstrate that the EFTS factor sought for the course adequately reflects additional teaching input, rather than additional directed study.

  • Last changed: 8 March 2016
  • Last verified: 8 March 2016