PBRF004: TEO to ensure staff eligibility and provide information in a certain way


This condition is imposed under section 159YC(2)(a) of the Education Act 1989.

During the period that the TEO receives funding from the PBRF, the TEO must:

a)    ensure that each staff member whose Evidence Portfolio is included in the Quality Evaluation process:

      (i)    is employed by the TEO on the staff census date under a contract of salaried employment with a duration of at least one year; and

      (ii)   is employed at a minimum of 0.2 full time equivalent (FTE) during the period of the contract of salaried employment; and

     (iii)  has a substantive contribution to research and/or teaching degree-level   programmes as part of his or her employment function, according to any applicable criteria established by the TEC; and

      (iv)  is not based overseas, according to any applicable criteria established by the TEC; 


b)    indicate when an Evidence Portfolio is being submitted in respect of an eligible staff member who is a new and emerging researcher; and

c)    if the TEO considers that an Evidence Portfolio is likely to be assigned a quality category of R or R(NE), not submit that Evidence Portfolio; and

d)    where applicable calculate completions of research-based postgraduate degrees in units of equivalent full time student (EFTS), where one (1.0) EFTS unit is the student workload that would normally be carried out by a student enrolled full-time in a single academic year; and

e)    where applicable report to the TEC the TEO's eligible external research income (ERI)*, broken down into the following sources:

      (i)    New Zealand government contestable funds; and

      (ii)   New Zealand public sector contract research; and

      (iii)  New Zealand non-government sources; and

      (iv)  overseas research income.


*NOTE: External research income includes income from public and private sources for research conducted by an eligible TEO (and/or a wholly-owned subsidiary), and includes research income from competitive sources within Vote Tertiary Education (excluding PBRF).

  • Last changed: 2 February 2015