ITF007: TEO to ensure New Zealand Apprentices meet certain criteria


In addition to criteria for an industry trainee specified in condition ITF006, a New Zealand Apprentice is a person who is:

a)  employed in the occupation for which he or she is training; and

b)  supported by a training plan agreed by the New Zealand Apprentice, the employer and the organisation arranging the training, throughout the New Zealand Apprenticeship programme; and

c)  enrolled in a TEC-approved programme of training that consists of either: 

i. a qualification at level 4 on the NZQF that has a minimum of 120 credits; or

ii. multiple qualifications that together have at least 120 credits, provided those qualifications are at level 3 and 4 on the NZQF, and at least 60 credits are at level 4 on the NZQF.

The TEO must ensure that each New Zealand Apprentice meets and continues to meet the above criteria during the funding period.  

  • Last changed: 9 February 2016
  • Last verified: 9 February 2016