ESOL005: TEO to ensure programmes are eligible


The TEO must ensure that a programme of study or training funded through the ILN – ESOL Fund:

a)    has English language and literacy outcomes; and

b)    is taught by appropriately qualified and experienced educators; and

c)    is flexible and tailored to respond to the particular needs of adult learners (for example, provision may be delivered at off-peak times for those in employment); and

d)    will deliver the specified amount of provision to learners as required by condition ESOL013.

Definition of appropriately qualified and experienced educators

An appropriately qualified and experienced educator is a person who:

a)    has a specific qualification relating to teaching adults literacy and numeracy; and

b)    has experience in teaching literacy and numeracy.

  • Last changed: 18 February 2016
  • Last verified: 18 February 2016