• ALE001: TEO to supply information to the TEC

    As specified in section 159YC(1) of the Education Act 1989, it is a condition of a Tertiary Education Organisation (TEO) receiving funding that the TEO will supply to the TEC, from time to time as required by the TEC, and in the form specified by the TEC, any financial, statistical, or other information that a TEO is required by the TEC to supply. TEO to submit reports The TEO must supply a…

  • ALE002: TEO to continue to meet specified criteria

    The TEO must, for the length of the funding period, continue to be: a)    an institute of technology or polytechnic (ITP); or b)    a private training establishment (PTE); or c)    a wānanga; or d)    a university.  

  • ALE003: TEO to continue to meet quality assurance requirements

    The TEO must continue to be quality assured by: a)    the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, if the TEO is an ITP, PTE, or wānanga; or b)    the New Zealand Vice-Chancellors’ Committee (Universities NZ), if the TEO is a university.

  • ALE004: TEO to ensure that learners meet criteria

    The TEO must ensure that each learner in an eligible ALE programme of study or training: a)    is, and continues to be, a New Zealand citizen, or resident of New Zealand; and b)    is 18 years of age or over; and c)    has the academic ability to complete the programme of study that leads to an appropriate qualification.

  • ALE005: TEO to ensure programmes meet criteria

    The TEO must ensure that a programme of study or training in which an eligible learner is enrolled leads to a literacy and numeracy educator qualification (or qualifications) at level 5 on the NZQF.

  • ALE006: TEO not to receive other Crown funding

    The TEO must: a)    not (without the TEC’s prior written consent) seek or obtain funding from any Crown source other than the TEC to fund a programme or training scheme that receives ALE funding; and b)    notify the TEC immediately if it becomes aware of any circumstances that might result in a breach of paragraph a) of this condition.

  • ALE007: TEO to use funding responsibly

    The TEO must use the funding: a)    lawfully, responsibly, and for the purposes for which it is provided; and b)    in a manner consistent with the appropriate use of public funds.

  • ALE008: TEO not to claim funding for recognised prior learning

    The TEO must not claim funding for recognised prior learning credited to a learner. To ensure that the TEO is able to comply with this condition, the TEO must: a)    ask each learner to specify prior learning he or she has undertaken; and b)    review the information provided by the learner when admitting the learner into the programme or qualification; and c)    retain documents that confirm…

  • ALE009: TEO to repay over-funding

    If the TEO receives ALE funding that is greater than it should have been, or that it was not entitled to receive, the TEO must treat the amount of the over-funding as a debt due to the Crown that: a)    is repayable on demand; and b)    may be set-off against all or any funding, or any sum of money payable by the TEC to the TEO.

  • ALE010: Tertiary Education Institutions to keep enrolment records

    This condition applies to a Tertiary Education Institution (TEI) that receives ALE funding via an Investment Plan. The TEI must keep accurate and up-to-date records of enrolments in accordance with any requirements developed by the TEC.

  • ALE011: TEO to verify learner identity

    The TEO must verify the identity of each learner enrolled in a programme of study or training of more than 0.03 EFTS by doing one or more of the following: a)    confirming that all data fields match the learner’s NSN; or b)    receiving an assertion through the Department of Internal Affairs’ RealMe® online identity verification service; or c)    sighting the original or certified copy of a…

  • ALE012: TEO to make information available to TEC and its appointed representative for the purpose of monitoring

    By accepting funding from the TEC the TEO is deemed to have acknowledged that one of the TEC’s statutory functions is to monitor the performance of organisations receiving funding from the TEC, and that it is a statutory condition that the TEO must maintain certain records and supply certain information to the TEC. Accordingly, by accepting funding from the TEC the TEO is deemed to have…