ACE004: TEO to ensure learner enrolled in ACE provision is eligible


The TEO must ensure that each learner enrolled in a programme of study or training funded by ACE funding that is and continues to be:

a)     a New Zealand citizen or resident of New Zealand; and

b)     16 years of age or over; and

c)     not a full-time secondary school student.


The TEO may enrol and claim ACE funding for a learner who does not meet the above criteria only if the learner is:

a)     under the age of 16 years and participating with adults in family-based provision; or

b)     a full-time secondary school student who:

                    (i)        is 16 years of age or over;

                   (ii)        receives ACE provision outside normal school hours; and

                  (iii)        has obtained approval from the relevant school principal; and

                 (iv)        the TEO has obtained approval from the TEC to enrol.


  • Last changed: 2 March 2016
  • Last verified: 2 March 2016