TEC Logo use policy – information for Tertiary Education Organisations


Use of the TEC Logo and TEC Programme Logos

TEOs who deliver the following programmes are contractually required to use TEC programme logos in their advertising, as a confirmation of their authenticity:

  • Youth Guarantee
  • Gateway
  • Foundation Focused Training Opportunities
  • Modern Apprenticeships

Each of these programmes has its own logo.

TEC’s own logo is specifically for use by TEC in its own official correspondence, presentations and publications. Our logo may also be provided to suppliers to TEC, working on official business, eg. printers, signwriters, publishers and advertisers. The TEC logo may not be used by TEOs as a standalone logo.

If you have an enquiry regarding the use of the TEC’s logo, or you wish to obtain a programme logo for use, please email communications@tec.govt.nz.

Note: We no longer have hard copies of the Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy and Numeracy available, and will not resume hard copy printing of these resources.

The Learning Progressions resources are available to download here. The Reading Collection resources to support adult literacy learning are also available online here.

  • Last changed: 29 May 2013