Working with us

Wānanga make a unique contribution to the tertiary education system. They provide quality education in accordance with kaupapa Māori philosophies, principles and approaches. This is designed to promote mātauranga Māori and provide an alternative learning environment to what is offered by other tertiary education institutions.

The Government expects wānanga to:

  • create and share new Māori knowledge that contributes to whānau, hapū and iwi prosperity and New Zealand’s economic, social, cultural and environment development
  • make an increasing contribution to sector-wide leadership through advancing mātauranga Māori at all qualification levels and across all fields of study
  • enable students to complete a range of sub-degree, degree and post-graduate qualifications, with clear study paths to higher levels of learning, through a Māori paradigm.

TEC will work with wānanga on the development and monitoring of Investment Plans, to ensure that each wānanga is achieving strong educational and financial performance.

Our Investment Managers are the primary point of contact for wānanga with TEC. However, routine enquiries can be made via this website or the TEC Sector Helpdesk.

  • Last changed: 23 October 2009