Working with us

TEC expects TEOs[1] to be accountable, self improving and self-managing. We will be less involved with your day-to-day business and will be reducing the number of compliance activities you are currently involved in. Your organisation will continue to be responsible for meeting our requirements.

Our Sector Helpdesk is now your primary point of contact with us. However, we have increased our focus on using technology, such as this website, to deliver guidance and support to your organisation.

We will continue to update the PTE section of our website to keep you informed about any changes.

Our Workspace 2 is an online tool to support our operations.

PTEs funded by us are required to maintain an ESAA log-in.

  • [1]

    Tertiary education organisation (TEO)

  • Last changed: 16 April 2015
  • Last verified: 16 April 2015