Why this information is useful for you

The information on the following pages is just one part of the information a student or their whānau could use to help make decisions about tertiary study.

It is a snapshot of how well specific tertiary education organisations are performing in helping their students to complete courses or qualifications.

Other information that will be useful when thinking about tertiary study includes:

  • talking with specific organisations about what they offer
  • talking with current or recent graduates of an organisation
  • the Careers New Zealand website which offers wide-ranging information and advice
  • the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website which provides information on the qualifications available in New Zealand
  • the Education Counts website which contains a large amount of data about tertiary education in New Zealand.

How can students use this information?

If you are interested in a particular tertiary education organisation you can search for that organisation and find out more about its educational performance. You may then wish to follow up with the tertiary education organisation to find out more detailed information about specific courses.

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