Educational performance in tertiary education

The information on the following pages provides some data on how well tertiary providers are helping their students to achieve.

This information can be used to help students and their whānau make choices about their education options.

It includes:

The performance information on the above pages is based on equivalent full time students and standard training measures funded by the Government’s Student Achievement Component fund, the Youth Guarantee fund and the Industry Training fund. It does not include details about international students or other types of funding TEC allocates.

The information looks to answer questions such as:

  • the proportion of courses that are successfully completed in a given year
  • the proportion of qualifications completed in a given year
  • how many students are progressing to higher level study
  • how many students are being retained in study.

About levels of study

Qualifications in New Zealand are all given a level on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. This level is based on the complexity of learning, with level one the least complex and level ten the most.

The levels are generally known as:

  • Level 1-2 Certificates
  • Level 3-4 Certificates
  • Level 5-6 Diplomas and Graduate Certificates
  • Level 7-8 Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas and Honours
  • Level 9-10 Masters and Doctorates.

About Equivalent Full Time Students

Where an organisation is funded for less than five Equivalent Full Time Students (EFTS), there is no individual data available for them. This is to ensure individual students cannot be identified.

Where an organisation has fewer than 30 Equivalent Full Time Students at a level of study, no information will be available for that level of study. This is to ensure statistically robust sample sizes that allow for comparison.

  • Last changed: 18 October 2016
  • Last verified: 18 October 2016