How do I enrol?

Every tertiary education organisation (TEO) has its own enrolment process. There is usually a cost involved and the study itself can take a long time. This means it’s important to choose a course of study you’ll enjoy and one you’ll want to stick at.

Before applying for any type of tertiary study, it’s a good idea to think about your career options. Career New Zealand can give you advice and support. Also, think about how much your course is likely to cost you.

The enrolment process is:

  • learner applies
  • learner receives 'offer of study'
  • learner accepts 'offer of study'
  • learner pays any fees.

TEOs have to comply with many rules and conditions, including giving you clear information on qualifications and courses.

When applying to study you will need to:

  • get a copy of your course information so you know what the requirements are
  • have proof of your identity and citizenship.

You usually apply for admission to the TEO as well as enrolment into the qualification you want to study at the same time.

You will be given an offer of study. Once you have accepted this, your enrolment begins and you will need to pay your course fees. There will be rules around when you can withdraw or change your enrolment without losing your money.

Some fees can be paid through the Student Loan Scheme. You will need to find out if you are eligible and if the course meets the requirements for the scheme.

  • Last changed: 26 June 2015
  • Last verified: 26 June 2015