Courses and providers


An education provider is any organisation that supplies education and/or training and/or assessment services. A wide range of courses and qualifications are offered in New Zealand.

All providers can be accredited to assess for National Qualifications Framework qualifications. Before applying for accreditation, private and government training establishments must be registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). To view all registered providers visit the NZQA site.

While ITOs do not deliver training, they arrange industry (workplace) training.

We publish information about the performance of different TEOs. The Ministry of Education also provides tertiary education statistics.


There are lots of different subject areas to choose from - your choices may depend on what you studied at school, your interests or the career path you’d like to take.
If you’d like to find out more about what other people have been choosing to study, check out the Ministry of Education’s page on New Zealand qualification completions by subject.

To find individual courses and where they’re offered, the Ministry of Education’s website Which Course Where? is designed to help learners locate where they want to study.

If you would like to study at a university, there is a full list of approved university programmes. You’ll need to visit each university website to view their lists of courses and qualifications.

  • Last changed: 14 November 2009