Industry Training Register

The Industry Training Register (ITR) is an online data collection service that captures information about activity in the industry training sector in near real time.

The ITR interfaces with:

  • the National Student Index (NSI), as all trainees must have an National Student Number (NSN); and
  • New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), from which ITR obtains completions data.

There are three key documents which can help you with the ITR. All of these documents are available on line and are current:

  1. ITR user guide (PDF, 1 Mb)
  2. ITR schema definition (PDF, 2 Mb)
  3. ITR guide to integration (PDF, 699 Kb)

The ITR User Guide provides in-depth information for all levels of ITR Users.  The ITR Technical Information tab contains the ITR Schema definition for technical users, and the ITR Guide to Integration provides useful information for ITO Trainee Management System vendors.

Other useful links for ITR users are the:

If you have any queries, please contact the TEC Sector Helpdesk on 0800 601 301 or email

Access and login

Access to the ITR is made electronically from an ITO's trainee management system (TMS), computer system to computer system. The TMS will log into ITR via the Education Sector Authentication and Authorisation service (ESAA). ESAA is an identity management, authentication, authorisation and single sign-on service for the education sector. Please email TEC's Sector Helpdesk ( for information on setting up access via ESAA.

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