Non-TEC funding

ITOs may seek or receive other funds from the Government other than through the TEC. These include the following:

  • membership fees and grants from government departments and Crown agencies that are in the nature of industry contributions. This can be the case where an ITO is providing industry training services to such government departments and Crown agencies and their employees. These services include standard setting and managing the delivery of industry training
  • fees received from government departments or Crown agencies and/or their employees in return for providing them with industry training services. These fees are comparable to those received from private sector organisations and their employees for such services
  • grants and fees from government departments and Crown agencies for services and resources that do not relate to meeting the costs of setting standards and maintaining associated quality management systems and/or managing training arrangements for the training of trainees registered with the ITO, for which the ITO is being funded by the TEC
  • National Moderation payments received from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.
  • Last changed: 23 October 2009
  • Last verified: 22 June 2015