Workplace literacy and numeracy

Raising the literacy, language and numeracy skills of the workforce is a key government priority for tertiary education.

These skills provide the essential base for building a competitive, highly-skilled and productive workforce.

Benefits of improving literacy and numeracy

Improvements in literacy, language and numeracy skills contribute to many business benefits such as:

  • improved product quality
  • reduced waste
  • better workplace communications
  • improved health and safety
  • progression to study for higher level skills.

Literacy and numeracy skills also contribute to social benefits such as improved health, workforce and community participation. Inter-generational impacts include more active involvement by parents with higher literacy and numeracy levels in their children’s education.

How to access the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund

The Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund is designed to strengthen employees' literacy and numeracy skills in a workplace context. Employers can access workplace literacy funding through either:

  • approved tertiary education organisations (TEOs) funded to provide Workplace Literacy and Numeracy listed on our website. Employers can approach a TEO directly, or 
  • larger employers (providing programmes or literacy and numeracy to more than 20 employees) can apply directly to the TEC for funding. Employers wishing to directly access Workplace Literacy and Numeracy funding must submit an application to the TEC. More information can be found on the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund page or contact our Sector Helpdesk.

Read more about the process.

More information

Other useful resources can be found online at:

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