Courses and providers

Tertiary education organisations in New Zealand provide a wide range of courses for employers and employees.

Some courses are fully government-subsidised training programmes, while others are partially subsidised and require learners to pay fees, or employers to pay subsidies and contributions.

Some courses are also approved for learner access to student allowances and/or the Student Loan Scheme.

The most relevant types of education and training for employers and employees are industry training, Gateway and New Zealand Apprenticeships. There are also some courses at other education and training providers.

Industry training

This is workplace training arranged by industry training organisations (ITOs). Each ITO has coverage for arranging training for different industries. For more information about industry training, see the Industry Training Fund. You can find a list of all current ITOs on this page.

New Zealand Apprenticeships

The Industry Training Fund also funds New Zealand Apprenticeships.


The Gateway programme is designed to transition senior school learners to the workplace.

Courses at other education and training providers

Although not specific to the workplace, there is a range of other education and training courses provided by:

  • private training establishments (PTEs)

  • institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs)

  • universities, and

  • wānanga.

The Ministry of Education's Which Course Where? website can help you find courses relevant to your needs and the providers that offer these courses.

To help learners choose which providers may offer the best experience for them, we publish summary information and performance data about different providers. You may like to use this performance information when considering which provider is best for your education and training needs.

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