Single Data Return changes for 2015–2016

This page clarifies TEC and Ministry of Education-led changes to the Single Data Return in 2016. It provides links to supporting information and key contacts.

The timeline below shows when the changes take effect:


Single Data Return EPI timeline changes

We are bringing forward the final date for submitting updates for Student Achievement Component (SAC) and Youth Guarantee-funded Education Performance Indicators (EPIs) for inclusion in 2015 EPIs to 29 April 2016.

We sent a TEC Now in October 2015 with a proposed submission date of 8 April 2016. After feedback from the sector on this date, we have extended the deadline to give providers more time in 2016 to adapt to the change in timeline.

You are encouraged to submit qualification completions and course completions separately leading up until the 29 April 2016 deadline.

Bringing this deadline forward means we can report the published EPIs to you earlier than in previous years. Good, timely information offers a number of benefits:

  • the earlier due date for submissions will give you and the TEC a clearer picture of performance, sooner. This will support more effective planning
  • it will allow learners, their advisers and the general public to compare the performance of tertiary education organisations earlier in the year
  • it will provide the TEC, our Board and the Minister of Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment with an earlier indication of investment decisions.


Single Data Return Stop Gate

We are implementing a Stop Gate to help us manage late submissions and re-submissions of a full set of files. This means a full set of Single Data Return (SDR) files must be submitted by the due date for each round.

We will consider whether or not to approve a submission outside of the SDR round on a case-by-case basis. You can also re-submit your data if an error is found after submission, with our permission.

The process is as follows:

SDR re-submission process

This does not change the current SDR validation, processing and submission process. You can still submit course register, course and qualification completion files at any time, and we encourage you to do so, particularly after the December round so we can confirm your EPIs as early as possible.


SDR changes led by the Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education now publishes updates on the STEO website. The latest publication includes, but is not limited to, information on the following:

  • Indicative Enrolment Data Collection (IND) timing for 2016
  • Single Data Return (SDR) timing for 2016
  • SDR Technology Refresh Project update.

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