Reporting requirements

To remain eligible for funding, tertiary education organisations (TEOs) must, as a minimum, supply any financial reports, statistical, or other information required by us or the Ministry of Education. Organisations registered with NZQA (for example private training establishments (PTEs)) supply financial performance information to NZQA. Tertiary education institutions (TEIs) supply financial information in their annual reporting to Parliament. Other organisations may report to the Ministry of Education (for example, schools).

Under the Education Act 1989, it is a condition of funding that TEOs will provide the TEC or Ministry of Education any financial, statistical, or other information that the TEC or Ministry require TEOs to supply. Each fund will have additional conditions that specify what this reporting will include, the format the reporting must take, and the date by which reporting must occur.

Further reporting may be agreed with the TEO during the Investment Plan process.

The key reporting requirements are:

  • reporting on the Investment Plan
  • fund-specific reporting requirements specified in funding conditions 
  • data as required by the Single Data Return (SDR), the Qualification Register and the Course Register, and for ITOs, the Industry Training Register. This data is used for publishing performance information

For TEIs only, the additional reporting requirements include:

  • the TEC's TEI Financial Monitoring requirements
  • Crown Entity reporting under section 220 of the Education Act 1989 (such as Annual Reports and statement of service performance).

TEIs must be consistent with the Auditor General’s requirements for (statutory) annual reporting. The annual Statement of Service Performance is to be used to report on all their commitments included in their Investment Plans.