Investment Plan monitoring

The purpose of our monitoring is:

  • to provide confidence to the public in the tertiary education system
  • to foster and encourage the continuous improvement (educational, financial and organisational) of performance by tertiary education organisations (TEOs)
  • to ensure that progress is being made on delivery and performance commitments, including the priority outcomes outlined in the Tertiary Education Strategy
  • to provide added value by supplementing information provided by TEOs with information held by us, for example learner progression from one TEO to another.

Together with each TEO, we monitor the delivery and performance commitments set out in a TEO's Investment Plan. Monitoring includes:

  • delivery against funding overall volumes
  • delivery against agreed mix of provision
  • specific delivery commitments including those measured by the educational performance indicators
  • performance commitments for all TEC-funded programmes and activities
  • conditions placed on funding approved within the Investment Plan.

Monitoring the mix of provision

The “mix of provision” refers to the type of courses/qualifications/programmes and a projected number of enrolments the TEO has committed to in an Investment Plan.

TEOs are expected to monitor and report on the mix of provision in their Investment Plan. TEOs are responsible for advising us of significant shifts from the agreed mix of provision, and the rationale for any likely significant change in delivery. To discuss mix of provision changes, TEOs should contact their Investment Manager or the Sector Helpdesk, as appropriate.

We also monitor the mix against the total funding allocation and will want to discuss the rationale for any significant change in delivery from what is committed in the Investment Plan. In some cases, the change may lead to a change in funding.


Performance commitments

We will monitor the performance of each TEO and discuss this performance as part of the Investment Plan process. We will also analyse TEO-reported data for each Investment Plan delivery and performance commitments.

Performance commitments are agreed on an individual TEO basis during the development of the Plan, so commitments will vary between TEOs.


TEO monitoring

TEOs are expected to monitor and report progress towards the specific commitments agreed in the Investment Plan, and to collect evidence to demonstrate progress towards meeting those commitments.

In summary, outcome commitments are made with respect to the following, identified in section three of the Investment Plan:

  • what a TEO will deliver, through the mix of provision, research, and other tertiary education programmes and activities
  • what will be achieved, through the educational performance commitments related to the Tertiary Education Strategy priority learners groups and improving overall educational performance
  • what other key initiative or changes will be undertaken to improve a TEO’s educational, management, and governance performance.

The Plan Guidance provides guidelines around setting performance commitments using a limited number of relevant, but robust performance measures.

  • Last changed: 2 April 2015
  • Last verified: 2 April 2015